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Selling your home is one of the largest financial decisions you will make. Market knowledge will greatly assist with understanding the value of your home today…and that is where we come in! 


There are many factors that can affect the real estate market. Our goal, as your realtor, is to be as thorough and efficient as possible with understanding the market to achieve your sales objective. There are many resources we utilize to assist us with this…


  • The first step would be to contact us.
  • Presentation - Once we hear from you, and a walk-through appointment has been arranged, we will prepare a listing presentation with ‘hand picked’ comparables. The information in this presentation highlights current market trends and the selling features of your home to determine market value.
  • Communication - It is our priority to keep you ‘in the loop’ at all times. Communication is key! Some examples include confirming appointments for showings, providing realtor feedback, and automatic email notifications featuring comparable listings.
  • Marketing - Your home will be featured on MLS,,, and facebook - as per your consent. Print and mail-out advertising is mostly used to introduce new listings and promote open houses.
  • Network - One of our greatest marketing resources includes our network of colleagues, referral contacts, industry specialists, and clients. Once the listing contract is signed, it won’t take long before word is out on your home. We reach out to every one of our networks to begin notifying qualified buyers. Network activities can include realtor luncheons, mass emails, flyers, and word-of-mouth.
  • Offer & Negotiations - Our client's best interests are top of mind at all times. This is where it is especially important to understand the fine details of the Contract of Purchase and Sale. Our goal is a clear, concise, and stress free transaction.

Responsibilities of the Seller


  • Provide the licensee with accurate information regarding your home e.g. age, financing arrangements, condition of roof/hot water tank/property taxes.
  • Seller must disclose all known material latent defects relating to their property including new installations or renovations of electrical or gas systems completed without the necessary permits and inspections.
  • The standard Contract of Purchase and Sale requires the seller to deliver title to the buyer clear of all encumbrances except those permitted by the agreement. 
  • Strata properties - licensee will request minutes of all strata meetings for the last two years, current financial statements, registered bylaws, current rules, building inspection or engineer’s report, Information Certificate (form B prescribed under the Strata Property Act), and information pertaining to parking stalls, storage, and locker designation - as well as any other documentation relevant to the property.
  • The seller(s) will provide all necessary information to list and market the property.


Licensee Duties to the Seller


  • Act in the best interest of the client;
  • Act in accordance with the lawful lawful instructions of the client;
  • Act only within the scope of the authority given by the client;
  • Advise the client to seek independent professional advice on matters outside of their expertise;
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information respecting the client;
  • Disclose to the client all known material information respecting the real estate services, and the real estate and the trade in real estate to which the services relate;
  • Communicate all offers to the client in a timely, objective, and unbiased manner;
  • Use reasonable efforts to discover relevant facts respecting any real estate that the client is considering acquiring;
  • Take reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest; and
  • Promptly and fully disclose any conflict that does arise to the client.

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