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Buying a home is the largest transaction many of us will participate in during our lifetime. It is an investment. When working with a realtor, it is our job to verify information and inform you to seek independent professional or legal advice when necessary. We are here to protect your interests and investment. 


Many of the questions we receive from buyers include the buying process. For ease of reference, we have summarized and outlined the process below:


1. Are you Pre-approved?

Select a lender to get a pre-approved mortgage. They will give you a written confirmation for a fixed interest rate for a specific period of time. This will give you a good idea of the price range you can afford.


2. Find a Realtor!

A Real Estate Agent is a professional who will help you find the right home in the price range you are able to afford, and in an area you would like to buy.


3. Start Looking…

We first like to signup our clients to receive automatic email notifications of current listings that meet their criteria. This allows us to stay on top of any new appropriate listings as soon as they hit the market and before they are posted on

4. Making an Offer

You found a home! Next step, I will prepare a Contract of Purchase & Sale, ask for signatures, and present it to the seller or selling realtor.


5. Negotiations

Once the offer has been presented to the sellers, negotiations begin. I will negotiate on your behalf and in your best interest. I will be in constant contact during the negotiation process to provide updates and ensure your needs are being represented. There are 3 possible outcomes once an offer is submitted: acceptance, counter offer, or rejected. When an offer has been ‘accepted’ by both parties and signed, the Contract of Purchase & Sale becomes legally binding.


6. The Deposit

A deposit will be required once your offer is accepted. A cheque for the deposit is made out to “Re/Max Centre City Realty (in trust)” and must be dropped off at the office’s front desk. All deposits are held in trust and the brokerage acts as a stakeholder of the funds.


7. Home Inspection

It is now time to look closely at every detail of the house! A home inspector will give you a written report of the home and inform you if something requires further attention. 


8. Insurance

You may find an insurance company yourself or reference a list I am happy to provide. House insurance is required by your completion date. Your insurer will provide you with a letter or email confirming the approval for fire/property insurance, which I require a copy of.


9. Financing

If you were pre-approved, setup an appointment with your mortgage financial advisor and have a letter of confirmation emailed to me, your realtor.


10. Find a Lawyer/Notary

You will also need to acquire the services of a lawyer or notary to complete the transaction. Once subjects are removed, my office will email the contract to your lawyer/notary’s office. 


11. Subject Removal

At this point, you have completed all subjects outlined in your Contract of Purchase & Sale, and therefore, they have been successfully waived. You now have a firm deal.


12. Lawyer/Notary Appointment

Approximately one week prior to completion, you will need to setup an appointment with you lawyer/notary to sign all legal documents.


13. Utilities

Arrange to have all necessary utilities connected in your name for your possession date.


14. Keys

I will arrange to get your keys for your new home. When registration is completed and you are legally the rightful owner, I will provide you with the keys.


15. Move In - Congratulations!

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